Drifting between the haze under the glass of her greenhouse, Studio 54, and Tau Ceti, Alma is Mad. Mad about the perplexities enchanting her visions. Mad about affairs with lovers and could be's and could have been's. Mad about art, plants, curiosities, discoveries. But most importantly, Mad about setting herself free through ephemeral moments and movement.

We are her and we are mad.

We're mad about articulating the fundamentals of effortlessly poised fabrics that fall and swim in the right places. We're creating a space for our bodies to dance and feel elegant and playful. We're maintaining that space through accepting slow fashion and creating heirloom worthy pieces with limited and forgotten fabrics for our earths sake.

We are Mad Alma. A mad soul.

Behind Mad Alma

Sarah MyHoa is the creator and founder of Mad Alma. A teacher, designer, and artist from Annapolis, Maryland; Sarah moved to Vietnam after her undergrad to study her heritage and to search for the foundations to start Mad Alma. After two years of pursuing the finest silks and fabrics as well as the right team of people to produce with, Mad Alma was born.